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Improve Productivity and Quality with the BRON 2 language and C Code Generator

Modelling your system designs in BRON 2 enables engineers to express standard high level design concepts in a very concise way. This allows them to focus on what the design should be, and less on how to implement it.

BRON 2 models are passed through the BRON 2 Code Generator to produce high quality C code, from the design, in seconds.

BRON 2 systems can be deployed in many ways as required, as standalone programs, as an RTOS task, as a .DLL/.SO and so on. We provide multiple examples showing how.

A Script Interface linkage file can be generated from BRON2 models, this allows web servers access to the embedded system via a text based interface. This generated interface tracks with the BRON model and allows protected object data reads, event injection, object instance creation, and optional protected/validated data writes. This capability is not available in the free version of BRON.

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Why Choose BRON2


Significant Productivity Improvements

BRON 2 developers typically see a 4x increase in productivity. Since many high level concepts are encapsulated in keywords there is simply less code to write, hence less code to maintain. Code generation leads to less debugging being necessary, allowing focus to shift to design verification and optimisation.


Easily integrated in your software design flow

Use your standard editor, source control system, compilation tools, code quality tools and debug tools. BRON 2 is a superset of C. Your build environment will require extending to invoke the BRON 2 Code Generator during build.


Powerful Object-based concepts added to C

BRON 2 enables object-based concepts to be implemented in C, with the object management infrastructure generated for you. Complex time based behaviour becomes trivial to express, and to manage. Integrate with existing systems, or wrap them in objects as appropriate.


Produce Low-power systems more easily

Pure BRON 2 systems are event-based. If there are no events to process then there is nothing to do. Objects with lots of events get the CPU time they need implicitly, it's self load balancing. Power management policies may be built on this. Message Broadcasts simplify sleep/power-down notification.

Successful System Designs

“Before Amenuensis, software projects we were involved in benefited greatly from the use of BRON technology. We formed Amenuensis to bring BRON 2 and it's sister product Visual BRON to a wider audience of software engineers.” Rebecca BryanCEO & Co-Founder

“Using BRON 2 or VisualBRON allows time to ensure that systems designs are right, to test thoroughly, and to try what-if optimisations that simply aren't feasible without BRON. Design & code Reviews become a breeze.” Mark GregoryCo-Founder