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BRON2 - Simple example


These 10 lines of BRON code clearly and concisely describe three objects, their relationships (1 to many and 1 to 1) and the data that they each hold. See What it does for you for a detailed description.

Using BRON2C, this BRON code produced 478 lines of C code and a further 96 lines of C header code.

    OBJECT firstObject
    	FIELD int aninteger
    	FIELD char* sometext
    	LIST theOtherObject

    OBJECT theOtherObject
    	KEY char* findMe
    	EFIELD int Mustsupplythisvalue
    	REF yetAnotherObject

    OBJECT yetAnotherObject
    	FIELD char* whatever

We suggest that you examine the BRON code, read What it does for you for an overview of what BRON2C does for you, then take a look at the generated .c and .h files

A LIST represents a 1 to many relationship

A REF represents a 1 to 1 relationship  

The VisualBRON Information model shown below is equivalent to the BRON2 code, VisualBRON allows managed (MLIST) and unmanaged lists (LIST), all BRON2 lists are managed.

  VisualBRON design file for this information model

Save the file, or install Visual BRON before downloading, otherwise this link will just display the raw XML


Successful System Designs

“Before Amenuensis, software projects we were involved in benefited greatly from the use of BRON technology. We formed Amenuensis to bring BRON 2 and it's sister product Visual BRON to a wider audience of software engineers.” Rebecca BryanCEO & Co-Founder

“Using BRON 2 or VisualBRON allows time to ensure that systems designs are right, to test thoroughly, and to try what-if optimisations that simply aren't feasible without BRON. Design & code Reviews become a breeze.” Mark Gregory Co-Founder