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Interface Synthesis - Server to Embedded System

BRON generates a design specific script interface that simplifies interfacing between web and embedded systems

Key Enablers

  • BRON generates scipt interface for a design
  • SGI Script language embeds in runtime
  • Generated Script Interface extends SGI
  • The Synthesised Interface enables Javascript/Lua to easily pass data, access data, trigger events, and even create object instances. AJAX requests are used for obtaining data. Server side and SGI scripts are used for triggering events, and passing in data.
    This provides a generic interface that has generated data access mechanisms, generated data search functions, that allow server side AND embedded system data validation and security

    Key Benefits

  • Weeks or months of interface production saved
  • Interface matches queries to web requests - graceful timeout handling
  • Script interface tracks with embedded system
  • Data output format defined in script files, not in the embedded system
  • Security of embedded system
  • No Troublesome hand crafted command parsers
  • Clear separation of web server and embedded system
  • Sample IoT solution architecture

    This example architecture shows an embedded system with a connected embedded web server. There are two levels of server side scripts, web server side and embedded system server side. The embedded web server supports Lua and can optionally support SSL and SQLite. The embedded system communicates with remote embedded systems, using its own communications protocols, or via web protocols.

    How much is written for me?

    In the embedded system you need do nothing special to allow external web access to data. It is also necessary to write the SGI, Javascript, and possibly Lua scripts - as well as the html.

    I already have an embedded system

    If you already have an embedded system then it makes no sense to re-implement it in BRON, however if you produce a BRON representation of the data that you wish to expose via the web server then the heavy lifting is done for you. The changes to your existing system will be concerned with putting data into the BRON object 'data counterparts'.
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    Successful System Designs

    “Before Amenuensis, software projects we were involved in benefited greatly from the use of BRON technology. We formed Amenuensis to bring BRON 2 and it's sister product Visual BRON to a wider audience of software engineers.” Rebecca BryanCEO & Co-Founder

    “Using BRON 2 or VisualBRON allows time to ensure that systems designs are right, to test thoroughly, and to try what-if optimisations that simply aren't feasible without BRON. Design & code Reviews become a breeze.” Mark GregoryCo-Founder