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Who We Are

Amenuensis is a UK-based software tools and software design consultancy with a broad range of experience.

Our primary business is the production and support of software productivity tools; these tools accelerate software analysis, design and implementation.

In addition to software tools we also provide software consultancy, helping customers to develop their systems

Our areas of expertise include C Code Generation, Real-Time and Embedded Systems, ARM-based systems, x86-based systems, Linux, drivers, and bare metal bringup. Our experienced engineers have first hand experience in Semiconductors, Telecoms, Robotics, Biometrics, EDA, and test & measurement equipment.

Why Choose Us


High Quality Solutions
Our code generators provide consistently high quality code.


Experienced Consultants
With 1st hand experience in multiple disciplines


Improve your productivity
Generate code from your design, and not just diagrams.


UK based
Well placed to work with European and US clients

Our History


BRON1 was created, inspired by a paper on Binary Relationship Object Networks from Edinburgh University. The original BRON1 language allowed objects, the data that they contained and their relationships to other objects to be specified. The generator produced C code from the Object network descriptions, including constructors, destructors, link/unlink functions, and various macros for finding and iterating.


FSMGen was created. Around this time there were multiple OO methodologies being promoted, Finite State Machines formed a key part of these methodologies but ended at the design stage. FSMGen produced C code from a finite state machine languge that allowed the incorporation of C code as the action language. It allowed the simple definition of protocols in terms of events and data payloads.


BRON2 was created, bringing together concepts from BRON1 and FSMGen, whilst adding additional concepts to provide a self consistent high level design language and code generator. Finite State Machine action language being C with clearly delineated BRON and C sections with BRON keywords for sending events and FSM control embedded in FSM action language.

About BRON2


After detailed investigation into existing UML methodology and tools, Phillips-NXP funded work to create a gesture (drag and drop) interface for BRON2. The research work done in developing a UI for OO design made VisualBRON possible. Lower overall cost, shorter time to proficiency, lower support cost, and multiple target language support were the reasons for selecting BRON over the available tools and methodologies.

About VisualBRON


Amenuensis Ltd formed with the goals of providing the BRON2 programmers productity tool commercially to software developers, offering software consultancy, and to produce the VisualBRON CASE tool and code generator suite.

Our Services


BRON2.4 C Code Generator released for Windows. BRON2.4 included the BRON2C C code generator that translates BRON to C, it also included an updated OS Abstraction layer.

About BRON2


BRON2.4 C Code Generator released for Linux and Raspberry Pi. Revised OS Abstraction layer included for Linux targets.


BRON2.5 C Code Generator released for Windows. Updated OS Abstraction layer improves energy management and minimised CPU activity.

About BRON2