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Improve Productivity and Quality with the VisualBRON CASE tool and Code Generators

Modelling your system designs in VisualBRON enables engineers to express standard high level design concepts in a very concise way. This allows them to focus on what the design should be, and less on how to implement it. Being graphical, the high level design helps improve design communication and understanding.

VisualBRON models are passed through one or more Code genertors to produce high quality implementations in various languages, or even design documentation.

Our users tell us that code reviews give way to design reviews, often they leave the design review with the changes made and the code changes generated. Significantly, they get an implementation that always matches the design and the time to explore system optimisations with scope to make large changes with small time impacts.

The C code generator is not supplied as part of the free VisualBRON tool, however there is a generator that produces BRON code, which can be used with the BRON2C generator to produce C.

VisualBRON systems can be deployed in many ways as required, as standalone programs, as an RTOS task, as a .DLL/.SO and so on. We provide multiple examples showing how.

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Why Choose VisualBRON


Significant Productivity Improvements

VisualBRON developers see a step change in productivity. Since many high level concepts are encapsulated in symbols there is simply less to write, hence less to maintain. Code generation leads to less debugging being necessary, allowing focus to shift to design verification and optimisation.


One fact in one place

The VisualBRON CASE tool helps you to manage design information, making it easy to keep one fact in one place. The CASE tool works hard to simplify the design process, offering design concept completion and dynamic checking to help you describe the system correctly.


Improved Designs and Design Communication

Graphical design representations aid communication between engineers, and between engineers and clients. As the emphasis moves from coding to design, more time is available for 'what if' exploration, and system optimisation. Large scale code changes may result from small design changes, but the time cost is trivial.


Powerful Object-based concepts available in C

VisualBRON enables the design of object based systems. It also has a C Code generator that maps object-based concepts in to C, with the object management infrastructure generated for you. Complex time based behaviour becomes trivial to express, and to manage. Integrate with existing systems, or wrap them in objects as appropriate.


Produce Low-power systems more easily

VisualBRON systems are often event-based. If there are no events to process then there is nothing to do. Objects with lots of events get the CPU time they need implicitly, it's self load balancing. Power management policies may be built on this. Message Broadcasts simplify sleep/power-down notification.


One Design - different implementations

VisualBRON designs, with the exception of language specific low level bridge code, are language independent. This means that the target language can be changed whilst retaining the same functionality, this takes code refactoring to another level.

Successful System Designs

“Before Amenuensis, software projects we were involved in benefited greatly from the use of BRON technology. We formed Amenuensis to bring BRON 2 and it's sister product Visual BRON to a wider audience of software engineers.” Rebecca BryanCEO & Co-Founder

“Using BRON 2 or VisualBRON allows time to ensure that systems designs are right, to test thoroughly, and to try what-if optimisations that simply aren't feasible without BRON. Design & code Reviews become a breeze.” Mark GregoryCo-Founder